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“A well-defined and proactive reputation management strategy is the central measurement for all of a business’ activities – it keeps all activities aligned and moving towards a common goal. Pillar9’s approach will ensure a strong and strategic start to this journey.”

Joanne Botha, Reputation Strategist and Owner of Pillar9

Pillar9 focuses on Strategic Development, Executive Profiling and Issues Management for leading lifestyle brands.

Established in 2015, Pillar9 develops and implements strategic reputation solutions, and where required, collaborates with other agencies throughout South Africa to provide the best implementation solutions.

Reputation management must be closely aligned to an organisation’s overall business strategy, and should be run in parallel. Through Pillar9’s experience and objective position, we can offer critical insight to the development, alignment and execution of reputation-related activities.

Reputation management traditionally has eight pillars, and Pillar9 provides the ninth, which brings and holds everything together.

Pillar9’s model enables once-off solutions that support and strengthen existing client or agency communication teams.

Joanne is a leading corporate reputation strategist with almost 20 years’ of experience.

She has worked with iconic brands from around the world to develop reputation strategies that support business goals. She has a passion for strategy and management and has worked extensively on reputation development, executive profiling, business development, high-level media relations and issues management.  

Joanne holds a three-year Diploma in Public Relations and Media Studies.

Prior to establishing Pillar9 in 2015, Joanne was a Director and Shareholder at Meropa Communications – South Africa’s only national Public Relations company. Before joining Meropa in 2007, Joanne held positions at InZalo Communications, Grant Thornton and Revue Liaison.

What We Do

Strategic Development

Strategic Development is a collaborative workshop that reviews your organisation’s business strategy and the current communication strategy. During the session, we interrogate stakeholders’ needs as well as develop key messaging, activities and measurements. We then work in collaboration with your management team to review all…

Issues Management

Issues Management Workshops plan for proactive and reactive issues. All issues and crises must be planned for, no matter how suddenly they appear. Step one is to understand all the risks your company faces and what policies and procedures are in place to mitigate these…

Executive Profiling

As the most important of the eight pillars of reputation management, leadership guides the perception of an organisation - both internally and externally. Positive relationships with the press and a firm presence in key stakeholder engagement forums have a huge influence on what and how…

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